The Kota Factory
(Are our kids a product ??)

Sapna (Changed Name) , a student who committed suicide in Kota, wrote in her suicide note that :- "I want to tell the Government of India and the Ministry of Human Resources that if they want that no child should die, then these coaching institutes should be closed as soon as possible, these coaching hollows out the students.
There is so much pressure to study that student are burdened.
Sanjana has written that she was successful in stopping many students in Kota from committing suicide by getting them out of depression and stress but could not stop herself.
Many people will not believe that a girl like me who has 90+ marks can also commit suicide.
But I cannot explain to you how much hatred is in my mind and heart.”
For her mother she wrote- "You took advantage of my childhood and being a child and kept forcing me to like science.
I also kept on studying science so that I could keep you happy.
I started liking subjects like Quantum Physics and Astrophysics and wanted to do BSc in that but let me tell you that I still love English literature and history because they bring me out in my dark times.”
Sanjana warns her mother that- “Don't do this kind of manipulative and coercive action to your younger sister studying in class 11th. 
Let her be what she wants to be and what she wants to study because she can do the best she can at the work she loves.”
Whenever we read such incidences our mind gets disturbed and we are forced to rethink about education system and our upbringing. 
Are we snatching the dreams of our children, due to peer pressure?
Are we part of this rat race on the cost of our children?
Today we have started competition within our families and developing feeling of jealousy, hatred, etc. between brothers and sisters.
Only feelings of competition are being filled in their mind, which is taking their lives by making them dangerous for themselves as well as others.
Those who are weak are committing suicide and those who are a little strong are moving towards drugs.
When our children are broken by failures, they do not know how to deal with it and they take extreme step such as self-harm.
Today we as a society, family or school are not able to teach children the importance of family relationships, they are not able to fight with failures or problems.
Stop imposing your dreams on your child. Let them enjoy the beauty of the life, let them feel stronger, let them feel safe, let them believe that parents are going to be there side whatever the situation is and let them get all the love which they deserve.


Little Minds, Big Emotions: Understanding and Nurturing Children's Mental Health