• Self-discovery in pursuit of knowledge i.e. will take own initiative to see knowledge and find answer
  • Somewhat self-centered, difficulty in communication i.e. strong believer in own beliefs and knowledge found; need to allow him to self-discover own mistakes and wrong answers
  • Need to be motivated with a reason to learn, with a clear goal; allow more thinking & give less answers
  • Self-motivated with own achievements
  • Demand space and respect in communication and decision
  • High ego and highly prideful of self
  • Discourage harsh punishment but allow self-learning from mistake


  • Self-discovery through modifications and leveraging on existing materials i.e. learning of new subjects/topics is preferred to be example based
  • Leverage and learn from the media – newspaper, films, magazines etc.
  • Motivated through reading of famous biographies
  • Organised and planned with guided examples
  • quiet achiever but thrive on being appreciated by others; give regular encouragement to instil feel-good factor in learning and improve motivation


  • Open-minded, able to absorb a lot but not necessarily understanding all
  • Need patience with continuous repetition in the accumulation of knowledge
  • Best if given 1-1 focused learning/coaching
  • Clear reward and punishment method to drive improvement, to meet objectives
  • Motivated by philosophical ideas and objectives
  • Need to plan daily activities; need to reflect on daily activities


  • Creative, love challenges, very competitive
  • Thrive on setting new standards and challenges
  • Coached by reverse reasoning and using reverse psychology
  • Use stages and points accumulation to achieve reward
  • Motivated by challenges
  • Allow self-plan and self-managed