Individual learning styles and characteristics consist of three factors:

  1. What is the easiest method for you to acquire information?
  2. How do you organize, process and filter information?
  3. What environments and conditions affect your learning process?

New York Saint John University Ken & Rita Dunn conducted research on students’learning styles. They discovered that about 30% of the students still recalled 75% of the lecture content after a session. To achieve the same retention rate,about 40% of the students need to read through the content (including words and illustrations), about 15% needs physical stimuli and the remaining 15% needs bodily-kinesthetics learning experiences.

Therefore, it is inferred that individual learning styles are different.Nevertheless, traditional teaching methods tend to use only one teaching style to cater for all. For students who have visual and auditory learning styles,this method is extremely effective. However, this is at the expense of students with other learning styles. It is recommended that individual learning styles be identified as early as possible. Then, they should be put into an environment which suits their learning styles so that the learning process could be efficient and effective.