Brain Power Study Deals in services Like DMI (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence ) Test which helps you to find what's your hidden talent or quality. DMIT is Fingerprints pattern test which helps the individual to know about him/her better. Basically it’s a technique which was created and developed by world famous psychologists after numerous Research and Development.

For Children

Children are curious to know, learn & absorb. As a child they can absorb as much more , than, what they can absorb after growing elder. By discovering their learning style and areas of intelligence at this age, gives right clues, as to on what activities they should spend more time on. It certainly helps to provide guidelines, as to which specific courses may be more suited to the individual, thus providing smooth learning curve, in the right subject of own choice, leading to successful life.

For Adults

Help in becoming self decisive with confidence, on various aspects of life. Can determine one’s own success path with confidence. Lead to excellent personality development, & build unique identity of one’s own. Understanding more about of self, can help to communicate better & build better relationship. Certainly helps to select correct business line.

For Schools

Understand your student’s natural character traits. Identify best learning style for the student. Identify student’s innate talents and weaknesses. Tailor made your students learning programs and teaching methods. Maintain classroom division as per student’s learning sensitivity.

For Corporate

Employee can apply to find the strengths and weaknesses of their professional employees for position placements. Find the right person for right job. Discover employee’s potentials, maximize efficiency and effectiveness. HR training and development.

For Business Partners

Adopt similar style of working or be flexible with adjustments to achieve greater heights either in the business or in life, for trouble free and smooth progress as per targets timely. Broaden the based & Expand the business as per the plans. Better trust and higher confidence levels within partners.

For Life Partners

Couples , matching of finger prints will help to understand and know each others attitudes and working styles. Try to adopt and be flexible with each others working style to improve mutual trust and confidence levels, leading to smooth & cohesive life style with best progress.