Since 1823, scientists have discovered that fingerprints and innate intelligences are related. Through medical researches, it is found that fingerprints are formed during the 13th to 19th prenatal week. The neocortex is developed during the same period as well.

This principle has been verified by many researchers and it has been published in various literatures as well. According to prime genetics research sector in China, fingerprints are formed during the 13th to 19th prenatal week.Fingerprints are invariable throughout the lifetime, unless some form of disturbances are introduced during the development stage that alter genetic composition.

From then onwards, scientists integrated genetics, embryology, DMIT and neural science with the theory of multiple intelligences. With that, a person’s personality and talents can be analysed and classified accordingly.

English scientist: fingerprint patterns reflect intelligence

According to Sunday Times, several scientist from Barcelona University studied the fingerprints of hundred of students and concluded that fingerprints reflect intelligence. Intellectually disabled people usually have fingerprints that are substantially different than that of a normal person.

The scientist discovered that among the hundred of students studied, the intellectually disabled children have fingerprints that have more arches and circular patterns. Besides, their palm prints have more abnormal patterns than their normal counterparts. Scientists commented that the Simian ridge found across the palm is most related to a person’s intellect.

Jinzhou family planning research centers achieved new progress on hand print research

On the morning of 30th April, Jinzhou family planning research center, with the support from the city board of education have collected hand prints on 850 students from all 8 schools in the city. These students excel in academics, sports, arts and other fields as well. This is a continuation of the center’s similar research on children with special needs and their parents last year. This research will provide families with the theoretical basis of children’s education.


This research applies the Combined Ravens Test by Li Dan et al on 767 primary and secondary students ranging from 8 to 13 years old. This test provides us with information regarding their intellect and fingerprint. Effectual results total up to 723 sets. Multivariate regression, multiple stepwise regression and other related methods were used to analyse the correlation between intellect and fingerprint patterns. The results show that intellect and the atd angle, the number of a-b inter-ridge pattern and bow-type pattern yield no significant correlation. Higher level of correlation is detected for Wd, Lr, SC, I3 and I4ridges. With that, the regression equation between Lr, I3 and I4 is deduced and poses huge benefits for subject choices for young children.