Career Counselling is related to giving professional advice or guidance to a candidate, to assist them to walk on the right path in the specialised field of their career according to their interest and passion. Counselling is a broad concept that aims at helping students and other candidates to find the right and perfect pathways in their careers. 

Choosing a career could be stressful sometimes, but with the right guidance and advice, a student can easily clear all the hurdles to enhance their career as well as explore their areas of interest and aptitude in the field.

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is a long and systemic process that is given to a student/ candidate who seeks experienced and professional guidance to form an informed decision in their educational and professional journey. 

Although there is no fixed time to seek career counseling, the majority of people seeking it today includes young students and professionals seeking guidance to make the right career decision as well as explore their options in their career.  

Career counsellors provide individuals with expert advice on their potential, aptitude, skills to motivate their interest to achieve their career goals. Career counselling works with the student in a systemic format. They (career counsellors) determine students’ strengths, weaknesses, patterns, interests, by using their testing methods through aptitude tests, IQs, interests, to understand the perspective of a student.

All these tests help a counsellor to give the right advice to a student by  understanding their psychology, the root of the problem, and prepare a report for a student’s potential career choices. Counsellors can guide students by guiding them in choosing the right path in their career as well as provide insights in different aspects of career and life such as choosing the right board, course, college, university, helping them to choose the right professional career as per their interest and passion. Expert counsellors can impact an individual’s career by mapping out the entire pathway to achieve desired goals.

What problems can a student face in their Careers?

Students who are unaware or lost their pathways in their career can take career counselling to come back on their successful track. Here are problems that a student could face in their respective careers. 

  • Students can lack confidence and forget their own spark and skills. 
  • They are stuck in between the two or more choices and not able to figure out what is best for them as per their skills and knowledge. 
  • They forget or ignore their own passion, hobbies and follow other recommended professions where they only work for money or pass the time. 
  • They are unhappy with their career choices in which they are already working. 
  • Students may be confused after losing out the career/educational choice of their preference. 
  • A student may have lost track of what to do next after completing elementary educational qualification. 
  • A person can also be in a dilemma as to the career path they should specialise in after choosing a discipline.
  • A student may have missed out on a career opportunity after which they may be confused about what to do next.

At Brain Power Study we stand by your side and take a closer look at your:

  • Education
  • Work history (if any)
  • Strengths
  • Personality
  • Interest Areas
  • Problem areas
  • Values
  • Skills
  • Goals and objective s

On the basis of the gathered information and an assessment test conducted by us which helps us to examine your career interests and personality type. We draw a clear picture of your objectives after which we connect with you to explore, clarify and research career possibilities that suit your vision and interests in life.

We also allow you to learn about yourself through our Multiple Intelligence Psychometric test as these questionnaires will help you in assessing your personality type and Multiple Intelligence. This will help you to be clearer and focused in your career path.

We make sure to create your personalized development plan in such a wa, so that it remains as a guideline addressing your six months, one year, two years, or more year career life plan. Though things change all the time and your career plan may change, nonetheless, it remains as a guide so that you don’t stumble or get confused about your career objectives while discovering new things along the way.