Aptitude Test for Students

Aptitude Test for Students

Aptitude is thought of as a natural tendency, special ability, or capacity or cluster of abilities. This natural tendency determines person’s readiness to learn or acquire a skill or their suitability to a particular career. Earlier student’s mental ability was assessed using intelligence tests. These tests covered general mental abilities like abstract reasoning, memory, perceptual ability, clarity of thinking etc. However, these intelligence tests did not provide any valid evidence regarding presence or absence of specific abilities and fitness of the individual for a particular occupation.

Use of Aptitude Test 

The aptitude test result offers factual information about a student’s specific abilities which facilitates the student, her/his parents and the school to take a joint decision regarding the students’ educational and career choices. Therefore, depending upon the grade of the student, aptitude result can be used for academic and/or career guidance and counselling.

General Instructions For Test :
There are seven sub-tests for administration. Specific and detailed instructions for each sub-test of Aptitude Test. Instructions are provided at the beginning of the respective sub-tests. As the test measures the individual’s inherent potentials/abilities, care needs to be taken to adhere to the timings mentioned for each sub-test (10 minutes each so total is 10x7=70 minutes). In addition to the instructions for each sub-test, some important points regarding aptitude test should be kept in mind are :
1. Remember that this test is to help know the capabilities (Special abilities) of an individual and not to label or find their weaknesses.
2. You should try to do your best as this test will help you in identifying your true potential. After all, finding an individual’s strengths/ aptitude would help you to find careers best suited.
3. A 15 minutes break can be taken after 4 sub-tests.
4. In order to bring out the true aptitude/potential of yours, maintaining strict discipline is important. So, avoid copying as there is no pass and fail. However to know your strengths, you have to try to do as many questions as possible within the time limit given. There is no negative marking.
5. Read the instructions given before each sub-test clearly and slowly and  silently.  For each test say:
Read the instructions for this test to yourself.
After reading the example, give a pause and take more time to think about them and do practice item given in the each subtest in order to ensure that you understand and be mentally prepared for solving the kind of questions the specific subtest has.
6. In case you have any doubt you can ask your instructor . They are allowed to read the instructions again but no new examples will be explained.

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BEST OF LUCK.... !!!!

Note: Test scores and results obtained are suggestive and should not be used as the only deciding factor.

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